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Music in the Middle

“Music in the Middle” is the name of the Greensboro Symphony’s annual performances for seventh-grade students in Guilford County—right in the “middle” of middle school! Serving over 6,000 students, these programs combine traditional and contemporary music for orchestra along with multimedia components.

The Fall 2018 program is titled “Around the World in 45 minutes” and will include music from six continents! For both Music in the Middle and the Elementary Concerts, teachers and students receive preparatory materials at the beginning of the school year. These packets include information about the music and ideas for how to connect the concert experience to their educational path both before and after the date of their trip to Greensboro Symphony.

Past concert themes have included:

2014: Let’s Go to the Movies – the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra and Resident Conductor Nate Beversluis go “back to the future” as they play film-related music from the past 50 years.

2013: Waveforms – music and science coming together, with a live on-stage oscilloscope display. Frequency and amplitude were shown to illustrate musical concepts of pitch, dynamics, and timbre.

2012: The Symphonic Aptitude Test – concepts of nationalism, musical borrowing, and musical form within a quiz-show style setting and a “Name That Tune” feel!

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